Eye Tracking Study on Transportation (Driver Behavior)

Cricket Tobii Pro

Eye tracking study and analysis on driver behavior during the actual driving activity gives different views as to how he reacts in different situations. This exercise of using eye tracking analysis can be fruitful in improving our knowledge about what a driver looks at, in different traffic situations, including his reactions when interacting with non-driving related tasks. This review may also be useful in understanding those aspects which distracts a driver’s attention. It is a well-known fact that since the inception of introducing and improving of the safety measures for a car, the accidents or car mishaps have been controlled. This research can be helpful in framing more important concepts in safe driving which can benefit the drivers as well as the passengers.

It is now widely accepted that vehicles / cars manufactured in the current scenario have the capability of withstanding many accidental situations, the main emphasis is on prevention of severe accidents that may even cause deaths. Our tobii pro glasses 3 can be extensively used for gathering authenticate data based on the study of driver behavior. The device precisely decodes eye movements and provides a perception into the actual understanding of driver behavior.

The eye tracking tool from tobii pro helps in some ways as below :

1. Analyze Driver and Pedestrians Visual Behaviors in Real life Environment and Simulations.
2. Document first person Visual Experiences to Improve Road Design and Safety. Determine what behaviors cause accidents and how they can be prevented.
3. Test Products/Signages/Road Furniture for Visibility and Usability.
4. Evaluate Driver Training Processes and document errors.
5. Identify the critical indicators and Improve communication processes.
6. Driver Monitoring System with Drowsiness Detection (ADAS/DMS)

The tobii pro glasses 3 have been anticipated to deliver extensive information on eye tracking from different gaze angles. The wide angle scene camera on the eye tracker glasses allows gaze data to be recorded over bigger field of view. This increases the peripheral vision of the wearer and the tracker can record more data. Yet, on the final note, the data provided by the eye tracking analysis can be considered to be much valuable. So the eye tracker study provides an integral approach for understanding the behavior of drivers and how their informational needs can be more precisely met by this technique.