Cricket Tobii Pro

One would guess it right that it will be a difficult job for a formula1 racer to just dash through the race track and fly ahead. The game of formula 1 race requires astounding combination of physical and mental capabilities. To drive with a speed of say 300-400 km per hour. There is no time either to decide or guess as to what lays ahead on the race track and here, eye tracking could be a distinctive gadget which can just peek inside this sport, where action is so rapid that the driver cannot think even for a minute. This device allows us to understand the quick decision-making process of the racer, how they focus and refocus their attention and how they perform in multi-tasking situations, at an amazing speed. Genuinely, life is not viewed as a motion picture, in fact, we process small pieces of information gathered when our eyes gaze certain points and/or events and then our brains complete the blank spaces.

The group of people who are disciplined to engage themselves in extremely fast settings are actually able to train their brain activities and process the pieces of data in faster pace than an average person. It becomes mandatory for a formula 1 racer that he derives a perfect sync between the rapid speed of the car and the points to be focused on his relative track. This is actually a game of managing the time between a second and a millisecond which needs perfect execution.

Eye tracking glasses keep a valuable record of the data which can be used to analyze the on ground behavior depicted by the drivers. Due to this activity it is possible to develop certain techniques and methods which can beneficial for the racer. These methods can be implemented fast to get the desired results. It will show an improvement in the concentration areas so that focus of the racer will be on a higher side.