Cricket Tobii Pro

The eye tracker delivers a deep understanding of the behavioral patterns of individuals while performing an activity. If this data gets combined with cognitive workload findings, it aids the measuring of mental efforts generated when the task is performed. In simple terms, cognitive load is the extent of working memory being used for human brains. To have a more precise understanding, we can compare this set up with a computer, when the activity volume in our computer increases the system slows down and it shows less efficiency. The same thing happens about learning, when the cognitive load increases, learning becomes less efficient. Say for example, a group of people can store in their memory somewhere between 5-9 items at once, out of these 2-4 tasks can be processed by them simultaneously, it means multi-tasking activity numbers will be restricted to 2-4,not more than that, but, if stress is forced on their memory , the brain will revolt. The major issue with cognitive workload is different people behave differently and react differently when stressful situations are forced on them. The behavior displayed by them is not usual.

So there should be some evaluation of certain techniques or practices, whereby the sports athletes and/ or the normal persons try to improve themselves. Here, one needs to understand that we have to increase our working memory to be more efficient. The concentration involved in the activity has to be increased and one should be more focused on getting the task to be completed with maximum perfection. This can be attempted only with more and more practice.

The pupil data collected from tobi pro glasses can be imported into an eye tracking software developed at the Tobii Pro lab to detect changes in pupil size and plot this on index of cognitive activity. It is possible to carry out this project with many participants and multiple tasks at one time and process the available reports. This activity allows to have a better understanding as to how the employees cope up when faced with large amount of data and visual information. This study will help in preparing extensive training methods to improve overall performance of the participants and the general public at large.